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First Moves Matter 

(Version 2)

We've listened. We've tweaked, and 'First Moves Matter' is back with increased savings. 

Integrating Thinking, in collaboration with Mission Australia-NDIS Partner in the Community, North Queensland,  is pleased to present "First Moves Matter:  A Neurodevelopmental Perspective for Early Years Professionals." 


We've listened to the feedback and have re-launched!

Grounded in neurodevelopmental theory and practice, "First Moves Matter in FNQ" will help you:

  • Learn why and how developmental movement lays the foundations for function and learning (Hint:  it builds the brain and primes it for learning and it starts before birth).
  • Discover and create ways of sharing and using this information in your early childhood workplace and community.
  • Learn with a network of diverse Early Years Professionals
  • Make theory real in your workplace and educational community.
  • Access subsidised training.
Limited places available.  (First in, first served.)  
SAVE OVER 60% of the normal cost for this course.

* "First Moves Matter" contributes to Registered CPD in Queensland. Certificates of completion outline the appropriate Australian Teacher Professional Standards.

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  • INPP Practitioner Course 2021 - 2022 (Applications close 30th Sept, 2021)
  • INPP Australia Practitioner Continuing Education 2021 (See below)

Institute of Neurophysiological Psychology in Australia.  Courses delivered under license.

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If you are a registered INPP Licentiate you can register for the following Supervision events. 

INPP Licentiates are members of the INPP International Practitioners group who commit to ongoing professional learning through the INPP Supervision process. 

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Practice Building:

Are you a Neurodevelopmental Practitioner? 

Do you want some help explaining what you do and why to people who are new to this approach and way of working?

If a picture paints a thousand words, what impact does a hands-on model have in sharing the story of what you do, why you do it and how it can help the learning and function of your clients?

That's where our "Neurodevelopmental Model of Learning" comes in.

Our "Neurodevelopmental Model of Learning" is a hands-on model that shows the importance of developmental sequences, processes and their role in laying the foundations for learning.  Our model (affectionately nicknamed the "Brainbow") has helped neurodevelopmental practitioners across the country explain their work to their clients, their families and other practitioners.

It has helped Neurodevelopmentally focussed practitioners build their practice because the model is simple. It's clear and it shows what happens if there are gaps in neurodevelopment at key stages of our lives.

Learn more about our "Neurodevelopmental Model of Learning"