Body to Brain Learning Professional Development Series | Integrating Thinking


Individual sessions in the current learning series:  "How the Body Tells the Learning Story."

Enrol in individual sessions.  (Complete course enrolment CLOSED:  April 22nd, 2021).

 "How the Body Tells the Learning Story" 

This offer closed on April 22nd, 2021 and is not currently available.


OR, select individual sessions in the course. 

You will receive access to the LIVE sessions including the presentation and the Q & A sessions, AND access to the recordings for a limited time.

Please note: Enrolment for Sessions 1 & 2 are closed.


If you are a registered INPP Licentiate you can register for these events. 

INPP Licentiates are members of the INPP International Practitioners group who commit to ongoing professional learning through the INPP Supervision process. 

(If you would like to know more about becoming an INPP Practitioner, please email us:  [email protected])